Voila! Maje limited edition tees

Think French fashion and names like Dior and Chanel trip off the tongue but we are slightly obsessed with the new (and more relaxed) kids on the block like Maje.

Having filled my wardrobe with plenty of digital prints for SS12 and the occasional bit of pastel I am now hankering after some minimalist cool and to me that is where French labels shine. As the shops sill with yet more pattern and trends (pyjamas, pastels, peplums -and that’s just the letter p!) I become increasingly taken in by these must-wear trends and neglect the basics. And let’s face it, my default summer weekend outfit of skinny jeans/denim shorts with stylish tee/vest, sunnies and Havianas has not changed for a while. If it ain’t broke…

So thank you Maje for reminding me of what I hold dear in the hot summer heat – a truly awesome t-shirt. The only catch? They are all about £110. I still love the trends and this summer I am willingly and 100% behind digital florals, but there is always room for the trusty t-shirt. Check out these limited edition lovelies.

WAIT UP! Pinko is jumping on the pricey tee bandwagon too (£110) with a cute and kitch Miss Piggy collection. She’s such a fashion icon.Love it!

Maje must-haves

Soooo want the middle one!

So much fun!



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