Style Crush: Frida Kahlo

I am reading the most amazing book at the moment called The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. Without wanting to ruin it for anyone (because you should give it a read!) it’s set in Mexico and features artist Frida Kahlo.

Yes, we realise that while full brows are very SS12 you might not fancy channelling her distinctive almost-monobrow, but the colour and print clashing, braided hair and statement jewellery is bang on trend. She was apparently a huge fan of wearing lots of jewellery and mixing native Mexican styles with expanses of bright colour- even her house was bright cobalt blue. We do love a strong woman here at Snap Fashion at Frida was one of the strongest! Some cultural inspiration…

Frida by Frida (she was crazy for self-portraits)

I love the flowers and the print detail on Frida's dress

Great example of print detailing from ASOS

I adore this picture

Daring pattern

Topshop's new 'Native' collection with lots of colour, tribal and aztec-esque pattern (terms are possibly culturally insensitive but we mean well! We really wish someone would come up with new names for these kind of prints!)

Frida mash-up party!

I realllly need to go to Mexico now!


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4 responses to “Style Crush: Frida Kahlo”

  1. Charly CONCHITA Carlyle says :

    You should definitely go to Mexico…Lacuna does a great job of capturing the “feel” of the country…and Frida was arguably one of the most reflective artists of her time or any time….great post! thank you for bringing my back to two things i love, well three: Mexico, Frida, and FASHION!

  2. Belles Jackson says :

    Frida by Frida? She never painted that photograph taken by Nickolas Muray.

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