Spring cleaning: wardrobe organisation lust!

I used to be addicted to MTV Cribs (not the what’s inside your fridge bit!) and am therefore a massive fan of Who What Wear, Show Me Your Wardrobe and The Coveteur. Just call me stylishly nosy. So at the time of year when you are optimistically swapping out cosy winter favourites for floral sundresses and inevitably revisiting winter woollies sooner than you thought, we bring your some fantasy wardrobe organisation inspiration. Not just for the amazing contents, but the WOW-drobes.

Monochrome zen from builtinwardrobesuk.co.uk (as big as most londoners' flats!)

Filipa Fino's cute jewellery collection. I love the idea of a treasure chest with shallow drawers! (Pic: The Coveteur)

The epitome of bling- Tamara Eccleston'es wardrobe looks more like a well-stocked boutique! (Pic: Daily Mail)

Blogger, Song of Style's super neat wardrobe - an inspiration! (pic: blogger's Instagram)

The one I'd most like to raid! Blogger Susie Lau got The Coveteur treatment! Her wardrobe system is affordable from Ikea btw.


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One response to “Spring cleaning: wardrobe organisation lust!”

  1. theclosetanthropologist says :

    I have a real obsession with closets, so I am so happy to see that you’ve dedicated a post to being “stylishly nosy” because I can completely relate!

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