Cheryl Cole: wears Versus + PPQ + hair gets BIGGER!!

We LOVE Cheryl Cole’s sense of style but are fascinated by the diminutive popstrel’s massive hair…it seems to have got bigger since Cheryl became the face of L’Oreal and therefore she presumably has endless supplies of hairspray.

A whole lotta hair!

We swooned at the massive beehive of last year and now Cheryl’s hair has got larger still for her 2013 calendar. To quote Mean Girls (at every opportunity) ‘that’s why her hair’s so big…it’s full of secrets’. Maybe secrets are the secret to big hair – who knows? Possibly Cheryl. Whatever, here’s a styling soundtrack to inspire your next up-do attempt.

We are super excited about Cheryl’s new single, Call My Name, which has been written and produced by Calvin Harris and love the promo shot, where Cheryl is (obviously) wearing Versus and peeping through an eye-catching PPQ necklace.

The right sort of bling

Pics: The DM.


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2 responses to “Cheryl Cole: wears Versus + PPQ + hair gets BIGGER!!”

  1. stilishbabe says :

    She’s gorgeous!love the hair and the makeup!

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