Discovery Monday: Topshop Emerge+ Makin Jan Ma

This is an interesting one. I love the space print Makin Jan Ma pieces in Topshop’s Emerge collection but can’t find out much about the menswear(?) designer (possibly buried in my LFW notes somewhere!) Makin writes scripts and stories and he makes clothes for the characters in the stories, As well as films and photography projects to depict the characters. He has exploded onto the fashion scheme from St Martin’s College and the Royal College of Art – ooh ah.

Whatever his fashion links, I love the relaxed silky shapes that play perfectly into the pyjama trend without being too obvious and the perky print – a kooky alternative to SS12’s florals. Are you a fan?

Space print shorts by Makin Jan Ma £100

Reminds me of Jackson Pollock as much as polished space pics a la Christopher Kane fame

Space Print Stripe Vest By Makin Jan Ma

The real menswear McCoy

For some reason I though os flamingos. I just like flamingos.

Space Print Shirt By Makin Jan Ma £115

I love a high street collaboration that is SO close to the originals


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