Chunky crystal necklaces ready for Chanel

Coachella kicked off this year’s festival season and one of my favourite (and laziest) summer outfits consists of well-loved denim shorts, a worn-in t-shirt accessorized with a kooky pendant and this year I have decided that rough-and-ready crystal is the answer.

As well as festival fun I plan on getting serious mileage out of some crystal beauties all through winter thanks to Chanel’s AW12 collection, where Karl Lagerfeld went crazy for amethyst and quartz shards on chunky bracelets (controversially similar to Pamela Love’s designs).

The best bit is that they are cheap and cheerful and if you’re into hippie things they also mean different things. I will just go by colour and prefer the silver with purple and pale stones to the bright ones in bullet cases and intend on stopping by a cute shop opposite King’s College in Cambridge to pick some up…or else try out one of countless new-age websites online. Hurray for hippies!

Setting the scene...Chanel's AW12 show

An assortment of crystal necklaces (not sure about the bullet thing!) pic: Tumblr

Fluorite point pendant £6.25 from

Amazing crystal-inspired clutch and chunky bracelets at Chanel

Want! pic:tumblr

Ouch! Pamela Love vs Chanel! (Have to say I prefer Chanel's colour palette)

Sounds like something from Superman but I reallllly want this kyanite and quartz pendant. £9.95 from Crystal Reflection again

More! pic: tumblr


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