Discovery Monday: Jordan Askil

I fell in love with Jordan Askil’s incredible jewellery at LFW’s Rock Vault and wish I had a spare £6,000 to lavish on his more intricate pieces.

Jordan studied in Sydney before working for Dior and Ksubi…and then setting up his own label. I love his efforts to work with ethical stones and the sculptural qualities of his  pieces. His AW12 collection is inspired by: “Sun and rainbows on a cold day behind the clouds; shapes emerging out of water; being able to collect.”

I was in awe of the horse cuffs, which reminded me of ancient jewellery, as well as the huge sculptural bird necklaces. I can’t imagine they would be terribly comfortable to wear but I think the discomfort would be worth it!

AW11 necklace - amazing!

My favourite piece?

I'm not sure if this counts as jewellery but look at the incredible workmanship

Silver swallows or swifts? I need to swot up on my birds!

SS12 earring

Signature horse cuff

Crazy horses! AW11


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