Ikea’s cute digi camera: back to basics

You know how we love tech and fashion? We’ve seen a cheap and chic camera from Ikea that ticks both boxes. Yes we have a ‘proper’ camera for blogging and camera phones but this is too cute!

This slim and basic ‘naked’ digital camera gives you an element of surprise as there is no screen to view your pics on – remember the fun olden days where you had to wait for your photos to be developed? This is kinda similar but cheaper and slightly less annoying! You plug the Ikea camera into your computer to view your 40 snaps. It’s fun and primitive but a handy thing to give to kids/pets/throw in a handbag and it looks cool. We hope to pick one up next time we go to Ikea for flat-pack goodness and meatballs, but have so far only seen it on the Swedish website, so we hope it’s available in the UK. In a world of instant pictures, effects and super lenses, we reckon it’s good to get back to basics – you?


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2 responses to “Ikea’s cute digi camera: back to basics”

  1. pixelogist says :

    haha, ikea’s cashing in on the growing lomo/hipster/whatever u call em crowd – wonder wat kinda pics it takes

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