Ear cuffs + nose rings get fashion-friendly: be afraid

The first thing you should know is that the Snap Fashion sisters are seriously averse to needles of any kind and so find this trend super scary.

Of course piercings of any kind have got more mainstream in recent years- Topshop and ASOS have both started selling ear tunnels. But shedding the EMO and underground image, more extreme facial jewellery has hit the catwalk – but thankfully most of it is pretend.

Givenchy debuted some serious nose rings and heavy-weight earrings that toyed with last season’s gothic and fetish trends, while Chanel embellished its models with plenty of stick-on pearl earrings running up and down ears and even the spine. But the real trend is for elaborate ear cuffs that conveniently hook over the ear and allow you to show off spikes, flowers or underwater decorations all down the side of your ear without any pain involved.

Here are our catwalk and high street favourites? Will you be giving this dramatic trend a go?

Extreme feather earcuff £16.99 from Topshop

Love the hair attachment with this ASOS spike ear cuff £10

leaf cuff earring £10 from Topshop


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