Dr Martens x Liberty love affair

I have a love/hate relationships with Dr Marten boots. As a teen of the 1990s I was obviously obsessed and coveted a pair of bright classic boots, while realising that black would be so much more practical. Alas, neither pair was ever mine. So fast forward to adulthood, where one can a lot one’s own pocket money…I am still smitten.

This is not just because of the many edgy off-duty models languidly lounging around between catwalk appearances in cut-off shortss and scuffed boots, or Pixie Geldof’s enthusiastic one-girl bid to bring them back into the mainstream, but possibly because of a heavy dose of 1990s teen nostalgia and the latest Liberty collaboration (yes another one we are obsessed).

The only issue I have that having not been blessed with lengthy model pins, I would not dare wear mine with shorts but it doesn’t stop me admiring anyone who does pull of this trendy item…*swoon* (in a grungy way). Maybe the satchels will be more flattering!

Strawberry Thief boots £170

Small Strawberry Thief Liberty Print Satchel £145

Dr Martens Flower Liberty print boot £140


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3 responses to “Dr Martens x Liberty love affair”

  1. 44kilograms says :

    I like the Dr Martens flower liberty print boot more! Gorgeous!

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