Mischa Barton to launch her own clothes line

And it’s called…erm…Mischa! Apparently the collection will be based on her famous Boho style at the heart as seen in The OC.

Currently you can only buy it in Dubai (where people can’t get enough of her handbag collection) but she is opening a massive shop near London’s Spitalfields market next month.

Mischa told Vogue that the range is designed for women from 15 to 35 and will be easy to wear. “It’ll be Forties-meets-Seventies with the occasional bit of Twenties – that sounds a bit random, but I’ll take elements of different decades. It’ll be a bit like Biba, but with a real simplicity of cut and lots of bright colours.

Prices will reportedly start at around £27 and reach £279. We’ll see if we can pop along and take some pics when the shop opens.

The good old days – we loved The OC!

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3 responses to “Mischa Barton to launch her own clothes line”

  1. lacedinleather says :

    She already has a collection out. I bought a bag from her 4 years ago

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