Royal Mail’s fashion-conscious stamps

It’s very rare that you can get your hands on ten designer fashion items for under a fiver, but Royal Mail has released a limited edition collection of fashion stamps with ten high-end designs from some of our favourites -and we plan on stocking up.

Amazingly, despite the speed of fashion blogs and the constant evolution of fashion trends, the fashion world loves a letter. Invitations to fashion shows are imaginative and lavish and almost always arrive by post or courier…and we have seen some deliciously fashionable stationary too. In a world of emails and texts (believe us we’re not knocking technology for a second) receiving a letter on pretty stationary can still be awesome, especially if it comes on chic personalised Smythson stationary, for example. Will you be putting a stamp on your stationary with the Royal Mail collection?

Stamp by Vivienne Westwood

A pretty section from Zandra Rhodes

Lanvin stationary set £65 from Net-a-Porter

Stamp by Hardy Amies

Grazia says that Louis Vuitton is rolling out it’s own stationary range *squeal* pic: Grazia

I adore this McQueen stamp

Super cute Liberty notecard set £25

The excellent designs for Jean Muir on a stamp? Yes please.

Pics: The Daily Mail.


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