Would you buy clothes because of Facebook ‘likes’?

We love a tech/fashion hybrid and this one really got us thinking about what women (and men) want…no, not Mel Gibson.

We read on Mashablesome time ago that C&A in Brazil (yes that mecca of gingham denim and shell suits of yester year) has got hangers in store that display online Facebook ‘likes’…and it got us thinking…would we buy something because lots of people like it?

I wanted to scream NOOOOO, but in fact I am swayed every day by magazine editorials, blog pics and in-store displays ‘edited’by celebs and stylists…Pixie Geldof has edited Topshop this week. Although I am reluctant to embrace Pixie’s own unique style of kooky 90s grunginess, here at Snap we are also influenced by celebrity style crushes, individual’s styles and the like…very few of us can claim to have a truly unique sense of style…I certainly do not. And yet, I am not sure if I would buy clothes because masses of people like them.

Here’s how the hangers work. Each hanger has a little screen and shows a tally of online Facebook ‘likes’ for the item of clothing hanging off it. (My inner child would be tempted to swap the items around so hideous clothing is hung on the most ‘liked’ hangers.) Whenever someone‘likes’ the item on C&A’s online shop, the Facebook tally changes and presumably, sheep, erm, shoppers will pick the clothing that is most popular…or if it’s a ball gown, possibly the least popular!

I love this fresh idea of integrating social networking into a physical space (the opposite of online shopping if you will) and think it would prove incredibly interesting…but I am not sure how many shoppers would find it useful. No doubt shops would love it though for re-stocking purposes. What do you think?


Pic: Stylist


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