Micro trend: anti-detail

I was having a browse on Tumblr for several hours while watching the Queen’s boat parade on telly and noticed a new ‘thing’ and I’m calling it the ‘anti detail’ – when a detail or feature of a piece of clothing is cut out to expose some flesh.

Versace’s couture collection and recent mainline collection have showed tantalising glimpses of skin but I like the anti-pocket…skin where a pocket should be! And check out Taylor Swift’s anti-collar!

I have also realised that I have missed out on a whole DIY fashion thing of making anti-skull patterns in vests. Am I the only one?!

Anti-collar! Pic: Teen Vogue

Versace’s anti pockets

Why print a pattern on a tee when you can cut one out? #DIY

Crazy cut-out dress from Dazed & Confused


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