Shoe war on Wall Street!

Her name is Beth Shak and she reportedly has 1,200 pairs of designer shoes estimated to be worth around $1 million…so fair to say a shoe fanatic?

So what’s the rub? (Apart from her 700+ pairs of skyscraper Louboutins.) Well, her hedge fund manager ex-husband is after a slice of her super shoe collection and the 24 year-old mum from Philadelphia has vowed to fight tooth and (toe)nail to keep them.


The ex, Daniel, apparently reckons that he’s entitled to at least a third of his ex-wife’s shoe collection as part of their divorce deal (we haven’t even mentioned the handbag collection) and claims that he knew nothing about the collection…that his wife squirreled them all away in a secret shoe room in their clearly massive $7.5m Fifth Avenue apartment. (That is SOOO Ugly Betty!)

Apparently the collection was featured on MTV’s Cribs, other TV shows and on Facebook. MS Shak also has a blog about shoes and if reports are to be believed, a Louboutin stiletto tattoo on a rather private area of her body – that’s dedication.

The secret room?!

She told the Daily Mail: “I’m going to vehemently defend myself. I feel this is harassment.”

Apparently Ms Shak funded her extensive shoe habit with poker winnings. For the full story and heaps of pics (where we got them from,) check out The Daily Mail.


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2 responses to “Shoe war on Wall Street!”

  1. tammyjonesthewriter says :

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this. I’m not liking the husband much. I blogged about this in my blog yesterday.
    Tammy of “Walking in Pretty Shoes”

  2. snapfashion says :

    We’ll be interested to see what happens in the end!

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