Girls on Film: Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa

Oh the nineties- Dr Marten boots, leggings, clashing prints, tie dye, Keith Haring, denim jackets, printed jeans and big pendant necklaces…on wait, that’s kinda like ‘now’ too. So perhaps it is time to resurrect a former fashion hero of ours –Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa Darling (you know the tune if you’re a child/teen of the nineties!)

A word of caution – some of these looks are probably a little too much but aside from Kate Moss and various cool indie chicks, I think Clarissa is one of the decade’s (less appreciated) icons.

Tie Dye is back! (pic: Kshot via Tumblr)

Yeah DMs (pic: CatsAnAmerica viaTumblr)

Print clash! (pic: ElizabethHollinsworth via Tumblr)

Mash up (pic: NinetySixUnderground via Tumblr)

Oh memories! (pic: NopeNoThanks via Tumblr)


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