Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

This has to be one of my favourite collaborations ever. Having showed her work at the Tate Modern, London, artist and style icon Yayoi Kusama has now collaborated with Louis Vuitton to come up with one sumptuously spotty collection. I am totally in love with the patent heels, cute cuffs, scarfs and cropped trousers- which would be perfect for next season (as this season seeing as summer is a wash-out in London!)

Part of the collection comes out this week with more to follow on 24 August, when the collection has a huge promo at Selfridges…we’ll be there if only to lust after everything and take pics of the window displays!

LOVE! Scarf £490, sandals £635, bangle £265+ but you can afford to paint big dots on yourself?

We’re hoping for a highstreet homage! Awesome scarves £490 each

The artist herself

Sooooo good!

If it’s good enough for Giselle…

Sunglasses £360, strategically places wallets £595 each, pumps of my dreams £710, impossibly perfectly glossy hair £priceless

What I would do for these perfect spotty pumps!

Pics: Louis Vuitton via Coco’s Tea Party (who did an amazing round-up) and The Telegraph, which has sooo much info about Yayoi’s amazing career.


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