Brits wear highest heels in Europe but Dr. Martens are in demand too

We love a really random study and this week research by Compeed says that Brits wear the highest heels in Europe.

While plenty of celebs totter in super high skyscrapers, the average heel height in the UK is reportedly 3.3 inches, Vogue reported. Tall women are considered more confident rich, successful, independent, assertive and get this…intelligent, one psychologist told the Daily Express (we must really wear heels more often!)

Apparently Spanish women wear the second highest shoes in Europe and France, (land of the iconic ballet pump trend) the lowest- with an average of 2.4 inches. Within Britain, you are apparently most likely to find girls braving super high heels in the North East, followed by London.

Taking it to extremes – Christian Louboutin’s ballet heels

But it seems that plenty of British women are happy to buck the heel trend as legendary maker of phenominally comfortable (and clompy) boots, Dr. Martens has had a bumper year, with ASOS reporting that sales have risen a massive 230% from 2011 to 2012 and the boot co revealed it has made £22 million in profits in the same year.

Interestingly ASOS said that while the boots are popular, the three hole shoe as recently worn by Alexa Chung and Agnes Deyn was the biggest seller, while the collaboration with Liberty must have boosted sales too.

Rihanna loves them too!

Stories: Vogue and The Telegraph.


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