Pistol Boots: Acne vs Topshop

Acne’s Pistol Boots are fast becoming iconic and are beloved by so many celebs for their model-off-duty cool. Their distinctive seams, Cuban-esque heel, edgy zip detail, sturdy silhouette and fashion-staple status means that you’ll probably never see these beauties in the sales.

But the good news is that Topshop has introduced some super-affordable boots that bear more than a little resemblance to their high-fashion cousins.  At £45 and made of soft real leather, for me, these boots are the steal of the season. Reader, I brought them.

acne pistol short boots = love!

The young pretenders: Topshop’s ‘MIGHTY’ black leather zip boots £45

Even the ad is beautiful


Pics: WhoAreWeInTheEnd + Topshop.


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One response to “Pistol Boots: Acne vs Topshop”

  1. Christoph says :

    I like those shoes…

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