Weight-conscious holiday fashion

Nope, we’re not talking about crazy summer diets and unflattering bikinis, but the weight of your suitcase.

Apparently over a quarter of holidaying Brits will spill over their luggage limit at the airport this summer, usually necessitating airing their clean/dirty laundry in the airport, a clothing cull or a hefty fine. Of course it doesn’t help that different airlines have different (stringent) weight limits.

‘So how do we solve this first world problem’ I hear you cry. Well, as new clothing website thinks it has nailed it. The solution? You can weigh your clothes before buying them.

Style-Passport.com is reportedly run by ex-fash mag editors and sells designer and boutique holiday buys, which you can search for in the normal clothing-type way, or by your kind of holiday – City, Spa, Staycation, Outdoors, Beach etc. It has a killer collection of all your favourite designers and prints perfect for holidaying in style.

Fashion beach noms on offer

But most innovatively each item of clothing has been weighed, so in theory if you bought your whole holiday wardrobe from there and if you didn’t pack your camera/books/sunscreen etc you would know exactly how much your luggage weighs before checking in.

A handy holiday gift from the website!

Now, the super practical and less flush among us, might make-do with the bathroom scales, but for fashionistas who only do 5* and whose bikinis cost more than your rent, this site must be heaven-sent.

P.S. Check out the sale, there are some AWESOME buys. We love these printed trousers by Mara Hoffman for £84 (70% off) – they weight 0.21kg BTW so you can totes squeeze them in your tote!

Yay for sales!


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