Game on! Condé Nast launches fashion video game

Fashion super publisher Condé Nast has dipped its foot in the gaming app market with a fun first offering called ‘Fashion Hazard’.

Teens and young women (with lengthy commutes and a bit of time on their manicured hands) can immerse themselves in the world of Ellie Redburn, a “Kansas-bred novice in the world of high fashion and at the bottom of Fashion Week’s totem pole”.

Ellie must navigate NYC and make it through Fashion Week down the catwalk before time runs out…without tripping over like these newbies and professionals.

Walk the walk

Life is made more complicated or exiting as players also have to help Ellie dodge hazardous low-flying handbags, fight off over-zealous paparazzi and swap jewels for super powers. Life’s tough.

As the levels get harder, she travels to London, Milan and Paris (natch) and when the catwalk season is over, the player gets a new model.

Sure it’s kinda cheesy, the graphics won’t win awards and there might be some criticism for giving kiddies skinny model aspirations, but for 69p we reckon it’s a great bit of fun from one of the world’s best publishing houses. Well, if it’s good enough for Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair et al…

Will you be playing?

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