Discovery Monday: M&S Jeggings

Marks & Spencer’s has been trying to lure younger generations of women through its doors in recent years with celebrity campaigns and some of the world’s top models showcasing its Autograph range. But Autograph aside (and underwear and sarnies, obviously) we don’t think M&S gets enough praise. A case in point is its denim.

Sure there are styles there that you probably wouldn’t consider but amongst the bootcut there is an amazing selection of bright and statement print skinny jeans that are the bargain of the century. M&S has inexplicably called these jeggings, but they are in fact really great quality skinny jeans in a range of lengths, rainbow of colours and super soft denim…all for around £25.We love the cute swallow print jeggings for that tricky summer/autumn transition period and they really are the bargain of the century. Or you could splash out on some metallic floral print statement trous for £35.

Better still, being M&S and rather sensible, the cut is super flattering with a high-ish waist that will banish any trace of a dreaded muffin-top.

Have you got any top tips and surprising secret recommendations from Britain’s biggest retailers?

Your new BFF. Perfect colour, great texture and flattering fit all for £25

These look so much more expensive than £35 and tap into the baroque, statement trouser, metallic and almost-brocade trend without trying too hard


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