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Snap Fashion Launches Today!

We’ve all been there. We’ve poured over red carpet style and wondered where we can get a dress like that. We’ve noted a top on our street style heroine and yearned to get the look, and yes, we’ve sighted out-there designer shoes and dreamed of finding a pair just like them all season long, all at a price that suits.

Hankering after a dress, top, pair of shoes – whatever the desired object – and not having the first clue about how to get hold of it is one of life’s annoyances. Enter Snap Fashion, a sartorial search engine that uses images to search for matches, saving time, money, and eliminating the frustration of having to trawl for hours – days, even – shopping online.

Snap Fashion, the first of its kind in the UK, is invented and developed by 25-year old computer science graduate, Jenny Griffiths, who was one of the few girls in her class at the University of Bristol. “I was tired of shopping on a student budget,” says Griffiths, Founder of Snap Fashion. “I love admiring looks in magazines, on the catwalks and those that other women put together, but when it came to sourcing the items that I liked – within my budget – I struggled. Using technology to search via images seemed like the most obvious thing to do.”

The process is a simple one: take out phone,

Our app is live today – give it a go by downloading it from the iTunes store, or using the website:

launch the free Snap Fashion application, select the product type that you want to search, and then snap it. The item is then searched for on Snap Fashion’s extensive list of affiliates via cut, colour, and style, and the results are delivered straight back to you within seconds. Users can browse all, save favourites to buy later, or click through directly to the retailer’s website to buy now. It’s a rewarding shopping experience all in a few quick clicks.

The net is cast wide courtesy of Snap Fashion’s vast database, which currently counts more than 100 major retailers. It’s a catalogue that boasts high street giants including Gap, Jigsaw, Jaeger, Uniqlo, Warehouse, LK Bennett, French Connection, Reiss, Monsoon, and Kurt Geiger, in addition to etailers, and and a host of department stores such as Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, House of Fraser, and US fashion emporium, Bloomingdales.

For more information, please contact: Jenny Griffiths



Fifi Lapin iPhone cases

Snap Fashion is launching its iPhone app TOMORROW…(iPhones at the ready!) You’ll be able to search for clothes by taking photos or using images from magazines and buy clothes direct from over 100 fashion retailers -yes, we do spoil you! So it seems apt (or app-t) to point out some awesome cases for you.

Sure, there are the designer big-guns, but for serious fashion brownie points without spending more than £35, we love Weston, exclusively at Net-a-Porter and a great company called Iconemesis, which produces loads of cute covers from young designers, including my Fifi Lapin favourites for £25!

I’ve just got one – the service was great and the case is good quality…plus, there is 20% off at the moment. There are so many amazing designs (lots of the designers work for fashion companies like Urban Outfitters and Nike plus cool magazines) and it’s nice to support individuals.

My new Fifi Lapin ‘cupcake’ iphone case (can’t stop showing it to people!)

Fifi and her friend Stella

Stylish ‘feathers’ design by Cat Sims

Super cute blue tiger pattern by Karin Soderquest

Game on! Condé Nast launches fashion video game

Fashion super publisher Condé Nast has dipped its foot in the gaming app market with a fun first offering called ‘Fashion Hazard’.

Teens and young women (with lengthy commutes and a bit of time on their manicured hands) can immerse themselves in the world of Ellie Redburn, a “Kansas-bred novice in the world of high fashion and at the bottom of Fashion Week’s totem pole”.

Ellie must navigate NYC and make it through Fashion Week down the catwalk before time runs out…without tripping over like these newbies and professionals.

Walk the walk

Life is made more complicated or exiting as players also have to help Ellie dodge hazardous low-flying handbags, fight off over-zealous paparazzi and swap jewels for super powers. Life’s tough.

As the levels get harder, she travels to London, Milan and Paris (natch) and when the catwalk season is over, the player gets a new model.

Sure it’s kinda cheesy, the graphics won’t win awards and there might be some criticism for giving kiddies skinny model aspirations, but for 69p we reckon it’s a great bit of fun from one of the world’s best publishing houses. Well, if it’s good enough for Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair et al…

Will you be playing?

Weight-conscious holiday fashion

Nope, we’re not talking about crazy summer diets and unflattering bikinis, but the weight of your suitcase.

Apparently over a quarter of holidaying Brits will spill over their luggage limit at the airport this summer, usually necessitating airing their clean/dirty laundry in the airport, a clothing cull or a hefty fine. Of course it doesn’t help that different airlines have different (stringent) weight limits.

‘So how do we solve this first world problem’ I hear you cry. Well, as new clothing website thinks it has nailed it. The solution? You can weigh your clothes before buying them. is reportedly run by ex-fash mag editors and sells designer and boutique holiday buys, which you can search for in the normal clothing-type way, or by your kind of holiday – City, Spa, Staycation, Outdoors, Beach etc. It has a killer collection of all your favourite designers and prints perfect for holidaying in style.

Fashion beach noms on offer

But most innovatively each item of clothing has been weighed, so in theory if you bought your whole holiday wardrobe from there and if you didn’t pack your camera/books/sunscreen etc you would know exactly how much your luggage weighs before checking in.

A handy holiday gift from the website!

Now, the super practical and less flush among us, might make-do with the bathroom scales, but for fashionistas who only do 5* and whose bikinis cost more than your rent, this site must be heaven-sent.

P.S. Check out the sale, there are some AWESOME buys. We love these printed trousers by Mara Hoffman for £84 (70% off) – they weight 0.21kg BTW so you can totes squeeze them in your tote!

Yay for sales!

Dress made of wine…no really

We love a science/tech/fashion mash-up…but would you wear a dress made of wine? Granted winey colours are in season every Autumn and it might be handy to have a wine dress that will seamlessly absorb unfortunate spillages of the classy tipple…but would you wear one knowing it has been created from a colony of wine-y bacteria?

Wine dress! (Pic Stylist)

Clever researchers at the University of Western Australia have worked out how to make garments made from wine by tapping into its natural fermentation process, according to Stylist magazine. Apparently they do this by using a colony of ‘Acetobacter’ bacteria (the type that annoyingly turn wine into vinegar) to make ‘micro fibrils of cellulose,’ which closely resemble the fibres in your cotton t-shirts (only ickier).

And good news for beer guzzlers too. The ‘Micro’be’ fabric can now be made from fermented white wine, beer and Guinness. We can’t wait for Mohito miniskirts or tequila trousers 😉

And it appears that this is a bit of a micro (or microbe) trend. Fashion designer Suzanne Lee is also growing her own stylish clothes including a very on-trend bio-bomber!

Bio Bomber! (Pic: BBC)

Susanne told the Beeb that she can grow a material that is like ‘vegetable leather’ from green tea, yeast, sugar and yes, bacteria. Miraculously it only takes a fortnight to grow and can then be moulded into shape. It has extra green credentials too as it is only wearable for 5 years, before going crispy when it can be composted. And as the ‘material’ is cheap to make, it could mean that we will be able to replace items of clothing relatively regularly without the guilt of dumping them in landfill.

Would you buy clothes because of Facebook ‘likes’?

We love a tech/fashion hybrid and this one really got us thinking about what women (and men) want…no, not Mel Gibson.

We read on Mashablesome time ago that C&A in Brazil (yes that mecca of gingham denim and shell suits of yester year) has got hangers in store that display online Facebook ‘likes’…and it got us thinking…would we buy something because lots of people like it?

I wanted to scream NOOOOO, but in fact I am swayed every day by magazine editorials, blog pics and in-store displays ‘edited’by celebs and stylists…Pixie Geldof has edited Topshop this week. Although I am reluctant to embrace Pixie’s own unique style of kooky 90s grunginess, here at Snap we are also influenced by celebrity style crushes, individual’s styles and the like…very few of us can claim to have a truly unique sense of style…I certainly do not. And yet, I am not sure if I would buy clothes because masses of people like them.

Here’s how the hangers work. Each hanger has a little screen and shows a tally of online Facebook ‘likes’ for the item of clothing hanging off it. (My inner child would be tempted to swap the items around so hideous clothing is hung on the most ‘liked’ hangers.) Whenever someone‘likes’ the item on C&A’s online shop, the Facebook tally changes and presumably, sheep, erm, shoppers will pick the clothing that is most popular…or if it’s a ball gown, possibly the least popular!

I love this fresh idea of integrating social networking into a physical space (the opposite of online shopping if you will) and think it would prove incredibly interesting…but I am not sure how many shoppers would find it useful. No doubt shops would love it though for re-stocking purposes. What do you think?


Pic: Stylist

Ikea’s cute digi camera: back to basics

You know how we love tech and fashion? We’ve seen a cheap and chic camera from Ikea that ticks both boxes. Yes we have a ‘proper’ camera for blogging and camera phones but this is too cute!

This slim and basic ‘naked’ digital camera gives you an element of surprise as there is no screen to view your pics on – remember the fun olden days where you had to wait for your photos to be developed? This is kinda similar but cheaper and slightly less annoying! You plug the Ikea camera into your computer to view your 40 snaps. It’s fun and primitive but a handy thing to give to kids/pets/throw in a handbag and it looks cool. We hope to pick one up next time we go to Ikea for flat-pack goodness and meatballs, but have so far only seen it on the Swedish website, so we hope it’s available in the UK. In a world of instant pictures, effects and super lenses, we reckon it’s good to get back to basics – you?


Fab four fashion dance videos : 2011 retrospective

Let’s dance! Here are four fabulous viral videos/adverts that we went crazy for this year. Kudos to Prada, Chanel, Lanvin + Cara Delevingne for throwing some great shapes and having a sense of humour!

Being Karl Lagerfeld – new Net-a-Porter app

One can only imagine what fun it is to be Karl Lagerfeld, but now you can at least experience how much fun it is to look like the man himself.

To celebrate the launch of Karl, (the budget Lagerfeld range available via Net-a-Porter in 38 days) the online designer super store has launched a Karl app, including 2 games.

If you can find Karl in a maze-like game, or you can try Karlified, where Lagerfeld facial features are superimposed over your own photo. All you have to do is upload you as Karl to Facebook or Twitter to be in with the chance of winning a mystery prize.

Find Karl!

...or BE Karl!

Perhaps more exciting though is a sneak peek of the new line (say ooh!)

Karl preview

Tech meets fashion : The Apple catalogue

Steve Jobs and Apple has arguably made tech cool as people wait for new models of the MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iPod to come out like seasons of clothing. But check out these Apple clothing images – shocking!

We (mostly) blame the 1980s for these ‘wacky’ designs unearthed in a 1986 Apple clothing catalogue…and it makes us wonder what an Apple collection would look like now-a-days. Maybe a Jonathan Ive/Christopher Kane futuristic mash-up with tech built into clothes?! What do you think?

Loving the power pose!

Serious shades and an unusual Apple logo

Amazing trousers. LOVE it!

Pictures: The Daily Mail.

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