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Naomi Campbell, Kelis + Anna Wintour at Topshop Unique

Topshop’s collection in a nutshell: If Cleopatra and her ancient Egyptian mates lived in the 1990s, liked hip hop and went all gansta. Got it?

Oversized 90s sportswear was combined with lots of gold (even gold leaf hair) and modern prints drawing on hieroglyphs but in a graffiti and Keith Haring kind of way. Do we want to wear jogging bottoms outdoors though? We’re still unsure! Egyptian scarab beetles, snakes and sacred animals also jostled for space with all the golden embellishments.

There were however feminine touches (sheer panelled skirts and dresses) all with gold which still seemed ‘street’ despite the obvious reference of Cleopatra in an Elizabeth Taylor 60s  OTT way.


Check out all those Egyptian symbols!

Gold! Everywhere! (BTW we love the tie-dye jacket)

Golden hair with 90s denim

Topshop’s collection attracted a LOT of celeb attention and in attendance were: Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, Pixie Geldof, Nicola Roberts, Ellie Gouldng (yeah- she gets around at LFW), Eliza Doolittle (ditto), Kelis, Olivia Palermo plus super bloggers Bip Ling, Susie Bubble and The Sartorialist.

Olivia Palermo looks relaxed, while Naomi Campbell goes glam

Nicola Roberts rocks a brave jumpsuit, while Eliza goes Cruella DeVille dotty

The woman, the legend, Anna Wintour

A v fashion-forward frow

Pics from The Telegraph and Look.

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