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Cheryl Cole rocks retro sixties look

Cheryl Cole’s next music video Under the Sun sees the starlet sizzle in sixties-style clothing and her favourite beehive-style hairdo. The Daily Mail has got hold of some pics and we can’t wait to see the full video.

P.S. Some of Cheryl’s shoe collection is priced as low as £25 in the Stylistpick summer sale. Bargain of the century?!


Emma Stone for Vogue

It’s yet another Emma Stone cover (check out our devotion here). We have yet to buy the August issue of Vogue but apparently the editorial is lush. Here’s the cover and a pretty picture.

Yet another sixties-inspired cover

THE cover girl of the season

Images: Vogue.

Alexa Chung turns sixties siren for Maje

It’s like Christmas come early as we hear that one of our fav models, Alexa Chung, is the new face of one of our fav brands, Maje – and its AW12 campaign to be exact.Image

Alexa is doing what she does best- looking amazing and slightly brooding in a 1960s way. These amazing shots by Glen Luchford (down a Metro station in Paris) remind me of a Rolling Stones cover and are rather different to Alexa’s recent bright and breezy Superga campaign.


Maje said: “Elegant yet edgy, her attitude reflects a personality that is both glamorous and rock ‘n’ roll.”

We say: “We agree and we love it.”

Pics: Glen Luchford via The Telegraph

Discovery Monday: Raoul

We love 1960s style clothes and this season’s sporty aesthetic and Raoul combines both in a candy coloured collection that is soooo sweet it will give you a toothache.

We are obsessed with the perfect pink bag after spying it in Selfridges and it has a seriously cool clasp (a bit of a Raoul thing) where you align the rotating silver circles to secure the opening. More impressive still is the brand’s use of vegetable leather and its sexy simplicity – these are clothes that look fabulous on the catwalk and you just want to wear – with a big smile.

Why Breton is best

Sometimes it is exhausting keeping up with trends and fashion angst can set in – print clashing is a perfect example of a tricky trend. We always hear fashion editors banging on about wardrobe staples – a good pair of jeans, white shirt etc etc and while we love individual style, we also adore handy items of clothing you can thrown on with a favourite pair of jeans and still look chic whatever the season…which is why we love Breton stripes.

So this fashion blogger diligently did some research (ahem Wikipedia) and it confirmed that Breton does indeed come from Brittany France (they even have a stripy flag) but is also a breed of horse (not stripy) and a type of crepe– who knew?!

Hello sailor!

The stripy shirt we all know and love made its first appearance just after the 1858 Act of France which meant that all guys in the French navy in Brittany wore this most stylish of uniforms, although it was called a marinière and had 21 stripes for each of Napoleon’s victories (my equivalent from H&M does not!)

Unsurprisingly folks around the area realised how effortlessly dashing these sailors looked and adopted the Breton top for themselves…as have plenty of fishermen and sailors since. Aptly I believe the real McCoys have a ‘boat’ neckline!

Coco Chanel made Breton chic again in her nautical collection of 1917 and posh folk holidaying on the French Riviera couldn’t get enough of it – women were still cramming themselves into corsets, which are not so handy on the beach so you can see why! Apparently Coco’s Breton top was designed to be worn with long flared trousers and in the 1930s women updated the look teaming their stripes with a natty blazer and shorts.


Onto 1950s Hollywood now and Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were big fans. Apparently it first popped up in Marlon Brando’s film The Wild Ones, but was more famously worn by eyecandy of the day James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.

Oh to look like Audrey!

James Dean

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick ensured that the simple design survived the swinging sixties and it has always been big on the art scene with Pablo Picasso a MASSIVE fan.

SO sixties – Edie

I have been a Breton devotee through the nineties, noughties and now…and will never give it up! It is so rare that you find a pattern that never lets you down and is truly effortless – skinny jeans, ballet pumps, Breton top and trench coat – done. Current obsessions include: Cos’ bright Breton tees, Alexa Chung’s Breton addiction, Kurt Cobain’s indie take and forever the work of Jean Paul Gaultier. How do you wear yours?


Info: Wikipedia and WikiFashion

Mondrian, YSL + fashion

There’s an amazing exhibition Iwant to see at Somerset House (home of the BFC and LFW) called Mondrian Nicholson in parallel for a master class in minimalistic modernism. While both men were geniuses and have left their mark on every part of modern design, Mondrian’s work inspired another French genius – Yves Saint Laurent and having read so many reviews about the art exhibition, I had to blog about YSL’s 1961 Mondrian dress, which looks almost as current today as it was then and continues to inspire. It’s hip to be square.

The artist

The designer

Sixties magic (pic:Designkultur)

Just an amazing cover (pic:SewingByTheSeatOfMyPants)

Inspiring limited edition Vans

...a seductive swimwear collection...

...and power courts by Ruthie Davis

Sarah Schofield's eye-catching swimwear would sure turn heads round the pool (pic:Trendland)

Kate Moss x Mango

It’s that time again…more Kate Moss for Mango! I am crazy for the yellow dip-dyed dress that is a steal at £22.99. Are you bored of Mossy for Mango or a fan like us?

The colour of this summer

One seriously retro shift

Elizabeth Olsen rocks velvet suit

And here were we thinking that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the edgy dressers of the family. Elizabeth Olsen has stepped out in the trickiest of ensembles – a velvet suit – and has managed not to look like a 1960s throwback (think Austin Powers) or one of those matchy-matchy velour and diamante tracksuit gym bunnies.  Go Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Olsen makes velvet suits cool

What do you think?

Pics: The Daily Mail.

Style Crush: Pattie Boyd

She dated two of the biggest rockstars of the sixties and seventies and had the best hair…ever?! Pattie Boyd began her modelling career in 1962 and struck some iconic poses for Mary Quant and was photographed by legendary David Bailey before getting behind the camera herself. She even influenced Twiggy’s style and I’m sure plenty of others’ looks too. Enjoy x

Such a retro pose

George + Pattie - who met on the set of A Hard Day's Night

Pattie mash-up

Swinging sixties icons

My fav photo

Amazing summer dress

Maybe this one's my favourite

Victoria Beckham shift dress: get the look for £50

We’ve heard from so many people how much they love Victoria Beckham’s scalloped shift dress design and how much they would love to wear it to work every day. The problem? The cost!

So we were pleased as punch when we spotted a shift from Lipsy which definitely has that Beckham look. We’re working on technology that will do this spotting automatically for you- check out our website and get excited!

Michelle Williams looks cute in a Beckham shift

VB inspired shift from Lipsy. Its scallop shift dress is only £50. Bargain!

Victoria is pretty in pink

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